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Solder-in Fitting for Copper Pipes | Female

Solder-in Fitting for Copper Pipes | Female

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Brass G1/4" fittings designed to be soldered into 15mm household copper pipe, converting it to a standard G1/4" watercooling fitting.

We use these in our standard MonoBlock, but they can be used in any number of scenarios involving copper pipes and PCs. They're great if you're mad enough (like us) to connect your PC to a household radiator or an industrial water pump, though please only do so at your own risk. These will allow the niche world of watercooling fittings to interact with the nearly limitless fixings available for household plumbing. 

The only way to fit these is by soldering them into copper pipe. You may achieve a similar result using epoxy, but we have not tested this.

CNC-machined in the UK from solid brass billet.

Thread: G1/4" female
Diameter: 15mm (flange) / 13.5mm (inside pipe)

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