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Copper Pipe | Custom-Lengths | Female/Female

Copper Pipe | Custom-Lengths | Female/Female

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There's finally an easy solution to using 15mm copper pipe-work in your custom PC build, allowing you to achieve the un-matched flow characteristics and beautiful aesthetics of raw copper pipe. Simply order the size(s) you need, attach to any standard male water-cooling fitting, and you're good to go.

Each piece is made to order in our London workshop to your specified length(s). We cut the copper to size, thoroughly de-burr the inner edges to stop any flow resistance, and hand-solder our own CNC-machined brass G1/4" fittings into each end. We use pre-made 90° pieces for the corners, giving you a much smaller bend radius than can be achieved by bending other pipes or tubes.

Simply order the size range you're after, and give us the exact required lengths in the notes section at checkout.**

The copper and brass is hand-polished, and left unlacquered to develop a darker patina over time. This can easily be polished away with any metal polish if the shiny look is preferable.

If you want more than one bend in a single piece, or different bend angles, just drop us a message - we can make a setup for your whole PC, and make it as complex as you like. We can even electroplate them on request in chrome, nickel, silver, and even gold.

Thread: G1/4" female
Diameter: 15mm (outer)

*Please be aware that there is no flex whatsoever in these, you will need to plan your order of operations carefully when assembling your PC, or design in sections of flexible hose to your build to allow the assembly of your PC using these rigid copper pipes.*


**If ordering the Straight variant, tell us the required length A. If ordering the 90° Bend variant, tell us the required lengths B and C. This information should be written in the notes section at checkout. We are happy to take dimensions in metric or imperial.

For 90° Bend pieces, the length ordered should be the B + C values added together. For example, a 90° Bend piece with a B value of 150mm and a C value of 200mm would add up to 350mm, so the 301-400mm option should be purchased.

We are more than happy to discuss your build with you and put a complete quote together for multiple pipes.**

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