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Straight Rotary Fitting | Male/Male PRE-ORDER

Straight Rotary Fitting | Male/Male PRE-ORDER

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This product is currently for pre-order. Delivery is estimated by end of September 2024. A full refund is available at any time.

The smallest diameter G1/4" rotary fittings ever made.

These low-profile fittings will join any two female watercooling threads. They're an excellent option for joining our copper pipework to waterblocks, reservoirs and pumps, as well as allowing two copper pipes to be joined part-way along a pipe run for easier plumbing. They will fit perfectly onto any other company's fittings as well.

We use a very fine textured knurl to achieve clean, minimal aesthetic.

CNC-machined in the UK from solid brass billet.

These fittings are not coated or lacquered, so will age naturally over time. This will not affect the functionality in any way.

Thread: G1/4" male
Diameter: 17mm
Length: 13mm (between sealing faces)

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