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Straight Telescopic Rotary Fitting | Male/Male PRE-ORDER

Straight Telescopic Rotary Fitting | Male/Male PRE-ORDER

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This product is currently for pre-order. Delivery is estimated by end of September 2024. A full refund is available at any time.

A completely new fitting design in the world of custom-loop watercooling.

We took our standard Rotary Fittings (the smallest diameter G1/4" fittings on the market) and created a telescopic version. But unlike other telescopic fittings, the excess length is concealed entirely within the female part it's attaching to.

While these will attach to any female watercooling thread in their longest state, for them to fully compress, the female thread must have an uninterrupted 11mm hole. They therefore work perfectly in our 15mm copper pipework and solder-in fittings, as well as lots of different watercooling radiators whose header tank openings have a hole of 11mm or larger (which most do in our experience).

We originally made these to allow significantly easier installation of hard copper pipes, giving them 20mm of adjustment, but they also add a beautiful brass flourish to non-copper pipe runs.

We use a very fine textured knurl to achieve clean, minimal aesthetic.

CNC-machined in the UK from solid brass billet.

These fittings are not coated or lacquered, so will age naturally over time. This will not affect the functionality in any way.

Thread: G1/4" male
Diameter: 17mm
Length: 13mm compressed / 33mm uncompressed (between sealing faces)

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